Wednesday, 31 October 2007

COME N GET LIFTED! Lookout! 1/11 Feat. Low Budget Crew, Fatima, Khy Boogie, Michael D n more!!!

LOOKOUT! are proud to presents last minute special guests, in their first and only London show! Live MPC beat showcase and performances from Low Budget records, Washington DC, featuring Kaimbr, Oddisee & Kev Brown! Also...

On the decks: Khy Boogie n Michael D

Host: Fatima


Cherri Price


Artwork by Luke Evermean and Ollie from Batius Novac!

Thursday, November 1, 2007 Favela Chic, London91-93 Great Eastern Street (old street tube st.) EC2A 3HZ

Monday, 29 October 2007


Alexander Nut "Mixed Nuttz" Radio show, Saturday 1-3pm (fuzzy mic jump off) – 20/10/07
Special studio guest: Fatima
To download the show copy and paste the link:

Brappp brapp! Here comes the long awaited TRACKLISTIN!!!...
Paul White – Dragon Flymaster
Flying Lotus – Bonus Beat
Frank & Dank – Clap Hands (instrumental)
Frank & Dank – Clap Hands (Morgan Spacek remix)
Tom Trago – Something New
Mr Beatnik – Whats Going On refix
Thes One – Grain Belt Beer
Dj Day – What Planet What Station
Dj Tibb, Brother Martin, Wille Wright
Funkbox (Jazzy Jeff remix inst)
Earmint – Meddlin'
Nicole Willis – Holdin On (Simbad remix)
Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Moody Boyz remix)
Mala ? – Alicia
The Room is White – (Flying Lotus remix)
Science and Jazz (Remix inst)

Fatima in the studio Round 1!(Beats by Hudson MoHawke)

Mr Ozio – Stunts (Flying Lotus remix)
Dj Spinna ft Dilligance & Phonte – One 4 Jay
Flying Lotus ft Odissie, Phonte & Tor – Perch
Fatima in the studio round 2!(Beats by Hudson MoHawke)+ freeness over Eric Lau beat
O Boogie – Paper Chaser (Mwelsee Dollar Bill remix)
Tom Trago – DirtDegree
Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down
Waajeed – Fire

Fatima in the Studio round 3!(Hudson MoHawke beat)+ more freeness over various beats.

Flying Lotus ft Andria Tiriana – Tea Leaf Dancer
Guilty Simpson – Mans World
Black Pocket – Thank You and Credits

Miles Bonny (inst) + Fatima
PPP – Riding High (Bling 47 remix inst) +Fatima

Linkwood Family – Piece Of Mind
Elmore Judd – Tron
JRawls - A Tribute To Dilla

Saturday, 27 October 2007

twisted fuzzy soundin clip from the show in Dublin brrrap brapp!

Fatima, Heralds Of Change and Olivier Daysoul live in Dublin

The 6th of October 07 I flew with my dear friend Ana Banana to Dublin to sing with Heralds of Change and Olivier Daysoul. Trip was amazing! We played right before the all mighty J Rocc, Madlib, Coleman, Chali 2na n B+! Heavy lineup, mad night! Big up to eveyone that was there.

Latest Announcement:

The outergalactic space cake also known as Cakey wish to be the first one on Fatimas blog to recommend something to you and the rest of the world. Because of the fact that the space cake has got magical powers and dangerous moves we need to give him the space he needs. So without further ado, may the limelight shine on Cakey!

Cakey says: Hi there peoples and my cakeheads worldwide. Autumn is here and its freakin cold. It rains, the wind blows and the cars makes way too much noice on the streets. Sometimes I feel like taking a pause from the everyday boredom and misery. Thats when I turn to the music to save me. My latest diamond in the collection is a track called Backstabbers made by Junior Mafia. The chorus goes "They smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place the backstabbers, backstabbers". Aint that true? Havent you too met those fake ones? I feel nothing but pain for the lost souls of them that must put others in pain just to feel satisfaction. This tune is from the early 90s(w the original Backstabbers sung by the magnificent O'jays) but the topic is still relevant. Actually the whole damn album called Conspirasy is worth checkin if you havent already heard it. Oldie but goldie so to say.

Thats it for now. Gettin a bit emotional. Will get back to you guys soon, thats for sure. Take it easy and remember to contribute to my society and bake a cake!

Yours forever,


Welcome world!

This blog is for all those who is in search of the good life. Those who enjoy eating cookies and patties to the sound of music sweet like krispy kreme and raw like sushi.

I shall lead you out of the dark alleyways of life and bring you into the sparkling, shining outerspace.