Wednesday, 30 April 2008

some pics from last Deviation session #6!!

I had a goood time on the last Deviation session! Looks like Vanessa Freeman did too! Soul power in your eeeeear!! Say aaaaaah!! The three golden boys. From left: Santi (Deviation crew, Runnin Jack), Charles 2 (Roll Call) & Sean Mc Auliffe (Nonsense)

Hey K!! You've got one of my favourite smiles in LDN!!! N Becky, why u hidin???!!


Om'mas from the all mighty SA-RA came by to spread his funky freaky dopey sounds!

The crowd, the crowd! Thanks for comin down n bringing good energy to the dancefloor! Much needed n much appriciated! Braaaap!

Zink to the left n Om'mas n Dooooooooooom (dreamin about space) !!!

Olivier Daysoul bringin the smooth vocal tones for the ladies n the gentlemen n the outerspace funkateers!

Hoooool on!! Fatima's got somethin to say!!
Joe n Dom from Ballers n Lucky me- Glasgow's finest!
Musinah was there too n she showed peoples melodies before unheard n bumpin beats! Nice 1! Ohhh my oh my! Hudson Mohawke and Mike Slott reppin Lucky me! Need I say more?
Head of decks, head of security and peacefulness- mr Benji B! Bigup to you and your crew!! See yall at the next one!!!
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Lotsa lovin

Monday, 28 April 2008

Karen P compilation out 2nd June!!

"KAREN P has produced the mix to have the feel of a real radio show - complete with jingles and interludes that she has produced exclusively for ...broad casting with SI BEGG with whom she has been working on sound design projects for 4 years. SI BEGG is best know for his work on Novamute but has also released under his aliases SI FUTURES and BUCKFUNK 3000 and on other labels such as Tresor, Cheap, Skint and Shitkatapult as well as his own Mosquito label which he set up witth CHRISTIAN VOGEL.
An accompanying 12" will be released in May 2008, including STEREOTYP, TETTORY BAD feat. FATIMA and SI BEGG feat. FATIMA"

Friday, 25 April 2008

I remember pt.1 (exclusive oldness!!!!)

ok so i did this lil gig with rodan kairos like 2 years ago in stockholm n you can see a tiny video documentation from it here. Unfortunately thats all there is documentation wise i mean but i still got it all in my memory. Opened up with My perogative, did a lil bit over some beats including MF DOOM's Hoecakes, Chrystal waters Gypsy Woman plus a few more i dunno the names of...Was a fun night, lot of peoples. 2 things went wrong tho. 1, i lost my headset n 2, there was only one mic workin. But me n Rodan managed to do the do anyways. Ok, guess thats it for now. Thatäs this evenings I remember from Fatima.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Listen up folks!
Hudson Mohawke, Cinnaman n Flyin Lotus is playing at Bimhuis in Amsterdam next week 2 may! If you're in town then swing by n have a dance with us (if things goes as planned I'll be there too)! Beat Dimensions bringin the fuuuunky tones n bumpy beats! You know the deal.

sweeet sweeet memories

I miss pt.2- Stockholm

I miss pt.1- Glasgow

sweet sthlmmemories

pic numero 1: we're havin a limbo session inside the club on the dancefloor
pic numero 2: limbo session inside the tube. Tha'ts how we used to do things in stocktown! Ya dunno! Important! Luminous ropeholder: Fatima
funky whistlerockin bodybendin gal:Bam Bam

Sunday, 13 April 2008


my booked tickets to LA and NYC

my providing and entertaining flatmates

my upcoming trip to Amsterdam

Hudson Mohawkes OOOPS! EP (especially Still on it, the Ashanti rmx)

my sofa


Jazzhands pt.2

Jazzhands pt.1

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Rexley Gun


red hot entertainment - Junior Spesh

rep your gaf

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Deviation last night

Oh my word! Deviation last night was magnificent!

The day went like this:

Me n Mo was chillin in the Crackney drinkin mango juice n eating bread n then came Sir Mike Slott a.k.a The castle direct from Dublin! The three of us chilled a little bit more n then I made som classic vegetable dish with ehmm cous cous, carrots, green beansprouts n mushrooms! delicious! :) After that the bwois went through some stuff for the live set but there wasnt that much time left before souncheck so after a wee bit we had to leave the house.

A lil bit later...

We were all gathered at Grammaphone. I met Musinah for the first time wich was cool. shes a glorious character! funny gal..well..we went through some stuff for the set..then we had some tasty thaifood. I ordered green curry with coconut milk, tofu, vegetables n lemongrass. I'll never forget that curry.

A lil bit later...

We (me, hudson mohawke, mike slott, musinanah n olivier daysoul) played n it was trés cool. people were kinda chilled maybe because of the insence n christmaslights (bigup deviation interior design crew!!), anyways think we all had a really good time. after the set musinah went on again to sing some tunes from the Daybreak album (go cop!) with Benji B behind the decks..n then Om'mas keith from supafreakin SA-RA stepped up on stage. oooh! When he sang Hollyood n Glooooorious! It was like a heaven sent gift! Dopeness to the highest degree! Yes yes yes! I had a mighty good time last night. Bigup Deviation crew!!!

Im callin all rythm skankin dancefloor prankin basslovin melody hummin peoples alll round the world! If you're in London when Deviation is on, do yourself a favour n pop by!