Saturday, 31 May 2008




Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Im flying to the states soon. They've got oreopizza there. Deadly.

Monday, 26 May 2008


IT'S RAAAAAAAAAAAAAINIIIIIIIIING FOLKS! Pick your favourite umbrella and hit the streets yall!

rbma radioish up in dis

Oook so I visited the RBMA day at Cordy house a few weeks ago. For those of you unaware of the RBMA visit It's basically a mecca of creativity, mixed gentres and people from all over the world uniting in complete harmony with a taste of golden energy liquids. AAAH! Splendid indeed! Now let me rewind a few weeks back to that day at Cordy house...The event was documented, chopped up and glued back together into a podcast called Wandering Feet. For more info read belooooow:

"Music journalist, and Red Bull Music Academy team member, Emma Warren, gives us the indispensable insiders' guide to all things RBMA related in the Wandering Feet podcast. Getting deep inside the London Workshop Session, she speaks to past participants Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus, hears from Academy Lecturers –DMZ's Mala and Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet - and pokes her nose into some heavy live Master Classes. Witness Danny Breaks teaching MPC skills, Beni G smashing Serrato and Wookie perfecting the art of the remix. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also hear Ethio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke in conversation with Gilles Peterson and hear all about his groundbreaking collaboration with Now Again's Heliocentrics."

Now check the link:



Sunday, 25 May 2008


Click on this picture to hear Alexander Nut's latest radioshow! Londons Bullion, Paul White and Mr Beatnick provided the show with records n exclusive beats n it's me n Zeus on the mic! Enjoy!

alexander nut

Fatima x Deviation

Attention all tellus inhabitors! The time has come for me to, once again, highlight one of London's best clubs n blogs

check check check:

(btw, im onit if you scroll down a likkle)



Thursday, 22 May 2008

Tonight at 3 blind mice!!!

this sunday at Gramaphone!

party this saturday at cordy house!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I LIKE LIVE RADIO! 17/5 Rinse FM gets hot like the sun


This saturday I'll be singing/jugglin/dancin/prancin live on the magical Alexander Nut n his Mixed Nutz radioshow on Rinse FM! But it aint just us two, nonono! We'll be joined by three dope muskateers of londons beatscene; Paul White, Bullion n Mr Beatnick n then mr Hey Zeus will get loooose on the mic aswell! Nice 1 innit!!! yessir.

WHEN: This Saturday 17/5!
1- 3 PM

WHERE: , iTunes stream radio under Urban or lead to 100.4 fm on your transistor radio.

The radio waves shall set you freeeee!

my eyes are greeeeeeeeeeen cause I eat alot of vegetables

Sunday, 11 May 2008

here comes the pics from the dddddaammm

So I went to amsterdam the other week to spend some quality time n here comes the pics..
mo in mamikos comfy sofa

m n mamiko a.k.a 1.1 at Bimhuis

at cinnamans crib

flying lotus in the darkness. excuse the poor quality of the photo heh!

hudson mohawke in action

me outside the venue

mamiko, a very flexible cinnaman and moi

mamikos wooonderful japanese brunch!! omg the mustard/wasabi sauce was magical! :)

dj cheesetube in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dj cheesespread a.k.a dj cheesetubes twinbro! man, that bro's crazy..

here comes that magical sauce again...

the cam the cam the cam the cam the grass the grass the grass the summertiiiiiimmmeeee

aaaahhhhhh the sceenery was so lovely!

tunes n coronas in the sun...aaaaaaaaaaah!! nice!

can u see that manicin??i wanted to get a better shot but i was just lookin in someones flat n that someone was in the livingroom so i couldn go to close but that manikin (hows that spelled?!!)looked like rick james or somethin dressed up in a black matchin tight set n loadsa jewellery..niiice hah!

stylish house


mamikos pet! oh, hes such a character!


1/2 Rednose!! GO COP POES!!!

me n dj cheesespread

my feathery fam

Cinnaman (Beatdimensions) n Justas (Mondayjazz)

so photogénique!

mamiko n justas freshhhhhhh from mondayjazz

the flaaaaaaaaaaaaaatn the peeeeeeeeeeeetEXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF JUSTAS N THE BIRDS!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

oldie but goldie

this one goes out to my retail fam. Basemen crew brap brap!

Britney Spears on Star Search

Oh, bless her!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Here comes the Welson Creep mix I told you about before..

new shook mag out+welson creep mix

Hey peeps. New Shook magazine should be out now in all quality shops round the globe. Interesting facts/news/interviews/art etc! My mysterious friend Welson Creep wrote a little something for the paper plus put together this mix that's available through Me n the creep did a live freestyled recording for it aswell and theres alot of other good stuff on it like jazz, hiphop, spoken etc. Get involved!
------>! <------

Saturday, 3 May 2008


is filled with sunshine and japanese mustard/wasabi sauce n boommpin beats n headnoddin bears. To be continued..

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Watch What You Say

yes yes yes this is the realness. this is it. just listen to the beat, the feel of the whole song! its just so smooth. chaka is the golden queen ridin over the melodies like a knight on his horse on a hot summerday on the concrete streets in the bringin the true words n the beat, oh the beat! yes yes. im listenin to this while tryin to write this text n digest the pasta i just munched on in my livingroom. nite peeps worldwide!