Sunday, 30 March 2008


I like creative peoples that's got that fancy DIY blood pumpin through their vains. That in combination with some nice beats makes a tasty recipy. Samiyam is now sellin his exclusive homemade n handmade work of art. Yes nice beats n fine sleevedesign made by Sam himself! I present to you, Rapbeats vol. 1! Go check check check n nodd your head to the sweetness at I wanna write more bout this but im falling asleep right now. Im lying in the sofa and watching the clock on the wall. It's 0.4.40!!!! GODDDAMMIIITTT!! I need to get up in like 3 hours! Guess it's all that sunday freshly made fruit juice my flatmate made me that gave me so much extra energy to stay up til now. All tho, I always stay up late. Anyways. It's bedtime now. Bigup Sam n bigup you, the reader! Inabit! ///F


It's all about Hudson Mohawke. I can't get enough n I know you're addicted too. But instead of trying to get rid of the addiction its ok to feed the need. While hiding in the legendary oriental room in Glasgow hes makin the craziest up side down broken planetary blipp blopp sweet shop music. He's done this n that, made some stuff with Heralds of Change n ehm surface emp, done exclusive mixes n podcast in the name of Lucky Me plus done various remixes. Hes now signed to Warp n his latest 12" release on Wireblock/Lucky Me is the magnificent OOOPS! EP wich includes re cracked up r & b tunes that Mo's twisted n added his own secret spices to. Cop it! N If you havent heard anything from this man before I suggest that you click on the link below to get a bit more familiar with his sounds. Guess thats about it for now. Laters!

Also, his crew is a pretty big deal right now too. Check for more eduction about Glasgow's finest!

N oh yessss one mo thing, the peoples at seems to like his sounds aswell.


Ever since i first heard Ka$h a while back ive had extra nice feelings for this guy. N then when I got hold of his album I realised that this man is something else! He's dope just like the sparkles on the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake, the guacamole in the quesadilla, the sunshine on a sunday afternoon and stardust in a dark blue and golden bag of chrystals. Yesssir, do the right thing and sacrifice some quality time and have a listen to his art.


Yessssss folks!

This wednesday 2 april Deviation is on again at Grammaphone!

The lineup is quite heavy: The 1 n only
Benji B = resident dj, funkyyy Jude = resident hypemayn , friiiiikkiin dopalicious Hudson Mohawke = the dirty diamond from Glasgow reppin Lucky me, Mike Slott = The human castle of fine melodies n rythms reppin Lucky Me n Dublin n soon NY, the lovely Musinah = badass vocalist n beatmaker, the undefeated mr Olivier Daysoul reppin 4 Lux plus he be the ladies n gentlemens 1st choice, mysterious n glorious Om'mas Keith = reppin SA-RA n meeee= Fatima = legendary dancer in the darkness n vocalist. + A goood soundsytem for your ear to hear! This night should be fun fun fun so come n get lifted!

Cost: 5 pound

Venue: Grammaphone

Adress: Commercial street 60-62 London, E1 6LT

For more info check:

Saturday, 29 March 2008

church on the move

educate yoself sis/son!!!

Its all about the fam


Friday, 28 March 2008

It almost worked

i cant ever go to sleep on time. n oh ye, im back on this bloggy tingy. but im not as good at it as i thought i would be. might be because im too lazy to write. my fingers need to rest. im a queen. queens dont write, they eehhmm. they use their dopely developed brain vision instead n their mouth to speak. ok fatima its time to go to bed now. important!!! come deviation next tuesday 2 april 08!! ill post the flyer in a sec. ppppeeeace n buenas roaches.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


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Tuesday, 4 March 2008





I've been slackin on updating the world with the entertaining and sometimes,unfortunately, miserable life of Fatima (me). Here follow's a likkle update:

*Ive been tryin to figure out my computer.

*I've been folding tees.

* Ive been cruising along the river of hacknayyyy on a bmx with my flatmate Alexander Nut (CHECK HIS SHOW EVERY SATURDAY 1-3 ON RINSE FM!). The cruising made my badonkadonk hurt for ca 24 hours but it was worth it cause I felt so alive whiles ridin it with the wind blowing in my hair like a commercial for shampoo!

*Gilles Peterson seems to like mine n Simbads tune Unite cause he played it on his show on BBC. Thanks for the support Mr Peterson!
*I've been chillin in Glasgow where I had the best time ever with my lucky friends. We danced n had delicious food n for some reason (?) I fell asleep all the time, I might suffer from narcolepsy.
I also watched Be kind rewind wich I liked alot.
Hmmm, guess thats about it. Well at least from what I can remember right now. Im kind of in a snooze mode.