Thursday, 22 November 2007

hiiigh like planes

Ok ok ok I know Im late bout posting this but anyways It dont matter as long as its steamy hot like a freshly baked piece of bread! N that's exactly what this tune is. It's simply the dopest tune ive heard in a while...Comin from M.I.As latest album KALA..Dammm she even did a guestappearence on the Letterman show with it..ill post it soon for those who dunno. Theres a rmx of it aswell feat Rye Rye n Afrikanboy n you can hear it at n whiles youre on it u might aswell check for more info..Yepps n for the lost souls who dunno bout M.I.A's first album Arular then I just have to say, go cop it cause its so refreshing n dope!