Monday, 5 November 2007

swedish friends

FUNKENTELLER- hes so funky hes so deep funkenteller is the dope futurefunkfreak! Yes thats true. He used to be a part of the great late duo called Up Hygh but has now moved on to create some other crazy blipp bloppedy hiphoppedy sleazy freaky funky beats n lyrics! Plus hes roolin with peeps like Drums n Supadude, what u know bout thaaaat! You need to check him out. Now!

PURE P- The other part of the ill duo Up Hygh. Hes now workin solo on some other dope ish, djs at this club I used to work with called Klubb Yes!, has released various things for example The Venus Album (Up Hygh) plus hes blessed with a studio in the basement of his house, situated right under the washing room! This man makes beautiful music so go look it up! Actually I made some stuff with him waaay back but I dont know what happened with that. Well well Ill let the future tell...

DRUMS- One of my fellow swedish funkateers. Representing Raspberry mountains and E-tuna while hes makin beats for you to bump in your trunk! Been working with ppls like Supadude, Funkenteller n Mapei. He also released this EP a while ago with this NY fella called Smoovth (go check his group Tha Connection as well) and I must say that they did a nice job there! BRAP!!


VEEBEEO - Hes been workin on different collabos (The magnificent Timas, Newtimers etc), has released an EP called Instrumentality on Mental recordings and is also featured on Beat Dimensions vol 1 thats released on Rush Hour records. Niceness innit.