Wednesday, 9 January 2008


You might look at the flyer and think to yourself "whats going on at Deviation this time? Can't Fatima explain a liddubidd mo in detail???"

Fatima answers:
Weeeell, the infamous London bwoi Benji B is the resident dj, if you didnt already know, and he always brings a very nice selection with him and if that isnt enough for you greedy animals out there then im happy to tell you that the magnificent Ge-Ology is steppin in to rule behind the ones and twos and bring some spicy spacy lovely vibes.
Good to know: Miss Fatima is now looking in to her glimmering chrystal ball and yes yes, just like she expected, the night is going to be dope. M! M! M!
For more info about the night check:
and to get to know Ge-Ology a little bit better then click below: