Monday, 21 January 2008


Yes yes yes. A new flavour for your eyes!

I bumped into a friend at Soul Jazz records a few weeks ago. He was gettin some records and talking to a guy bout this n that. "The guy" better known as Jez gave me a copy of this new magazine called Shook that he, his crew and several guest contributors had been puttin together. Yesterday I went to Plastic People and got hold of a copy of my own. As Ive been home the whole day today due to the curse of an evil cold Ive read the magazine while sneezing and drinking cheap orange juice. I must say that Shook magazine is kinda dope. The first issue is filled with a broad spectum of hot music related stuff. Everything from articles bout Black britain to Muro to Detroit n its flourishing beatbangin barspittin wildlife (nice way of puttin it Fatima!), artwork by Ques/LCP, reviews, nice photographs, an interesting article about Banghra, Goya, Yukimi Nagano and much more. Its a nice variety of all things interesting, old to new, and a good compliment to all the blingy plastic magazines that only focus on the big ballers in the game. Dont get me wrong, its not like this magazine strickly writes bout the deeeep ounderground movement but its a good mix of that n up n coming artist/beatmakes etc and well known cats n dogs. Without gettin to blabberish (keep in mind that im still cursed by the evil sickness) Ill finish this post by saying that I highly recomment it so go get own copy now!