Tuesday, 4 March 2008



I've been slackin on updating the world with the entertaining and sometimes,unfortunately, miserable life of Fatima (me). Here follow's a likkle update:

*Ive been tryin to figure out my computer.

*I've been folding tees.

* Ive been cruising along the river of hacknayyyy on a bmx with my flatmate Alexander Nut (CHECK HIS SHOW EVERY SATURDAY 1-3 ON RINSE FM!). The cruising made my badonkadonk hurt for ca 24 hours but it was worth it cause I felt so alive whiles ridin it with the wind blowing in my hair like a commercial for shampoo!

*Gilles Peterson seems to like mine n Simbads tune Unite cause he played it on his show on BBC. Thanks for the support Mr Peterson!
*I've been chillin in Glasgow where I had the best time ever with my lucky friends. We danced n had delicious food n for some reason (?) I fell asleep all the time, I might suffer from narcolepsy.
I also watched Be kind rewind wich I liked alot.
Hmmm, guess thats about it. Well at least from what I can remember right now. Im kind of in a snooze mode.