Friday, 25 April 2008

I remember pt.1 (exclusive oldness!!!!)

ok so i did this lil gig with rodan kairos like 2 years ago in stockholm n you can see a tiny video documentation from it here. Unfortunately thats all there is documentation wise i mean but i still got it all in my memory. Opened up with My perogative, did a lil bit over some beats including MF DOOM's Hoecakes, Chrystal waters Gypsy Woman plus a few more i dunno the names of...Was a fun night, lot of peoples. 2 things went wrong tho. 1, i lost my headset n 2, there was only one mic workin. But me n Rodan managed to do the do anyways. Ok, guess thats it for now. Thatäs this evenings I remember from Fatima.