Wednesday, 30 April 2008

some pics from last Deviation session #6!!

I had a goood time on the last Deviation session! Looks like Vanessa Freeman did too! Soul power in your eeeeear!! Say aaaaaah!! The three golden boys. From left: Santi (Deviation crew, Runnin Jack), Charles 2 (Roll Call) & Sean Mc Auliffe (Nonsense)

Hey K!! You've got one of my favourite smiles in LDN!!! N Becky, why u hidin???!!


Om'mas from the all mighty SA-RA came by to spread his funky freaky dopey sounds!

The crowd, the crowd! Thanks for comin down n bringing good energy to the dancefloor! Much needed n much appriciated! Braaaap!

Zink to the left n Om'mas n Dooooooooooom (dreamin about space) !!!

Olivier Daysoul bringin the smooth vocal tones for the ladies n the gentlemen n the outerspace funkateers!

Hoooool on!! Fatima's got somethin to say!!
Joe n Dom from Ballers n Lucky me- Glasgow's finest!
Musinah was there too n she showed peoples melodies before unheard n bumpin beats! Nice 1! Ohhh my oh my! Hudson Mohawke and Mike Slott reppin Lucky me! Need I say more?
Head of decks, head of security and peacefulness- mr Benji B! Bigup to you and your crew!! See yall at the next one!!!
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