Sunday, 11 May 2008

here comes the pics from the dddddaammm

So I went to amsterdam the other week to spend some quality time n here comes the pics..
mo in mamikos comfy sofa

m n mamiko a.k.a 1.1 at Bimhuis

at cinnamans crib

flying lotus in the darkness. excuse the poor quality of the photo heh!

hudson mohawke in action

me outside the venue

mamiko, a very flexible cinnaman and moi

mamikos wooonderful japanese brunch!! omg the mustard/wasabi sauce was magical! :)

dj cheesetube in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dj cheesespread a.k.a dj cheesetubes twinbro! man, that bro's crazy..

here comes that magical sauce again...

the cam the cam the cam the cam the grass the grass the grass the summertiiiiiimmmeeee

aaaahhhhhh the sceenery was so lovely!

tunes n coronas in the sun...aaaaaaaaaaah!! nice!

can u see that manicin??i wanted to get a better shot but i was just lookin in someones flat n that someone was in the livingroom so i couldn go to close but that manikin (hows that spelled?!!)looked like rick james or somethin dressed up in a black matchin tight set n loadsa jewellery..niiice hah!

stylish house


mamikos pet! oh, hes such a character!


1/2 Rednose!! GO COP POES!!!

me n dj cheesespread

my feathery fam

Cinnaman (Beatdimensions) n Justas (Mondayjazz)

so photogénique!

mamiko n justas freshhhhhhh from mondayjazz

the flaaaaaaaaaaaaaatn the peeeeeeeeeeeetEXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE OF JUSTAS N THE BIRDS!