Tuesday, 24 June 2008

home alone in south central

yes thats me right now cause all the nice folks that welcomed me yesterday is workin n doin buissness in the LA sun. Im sittin in Ras G's house trynna figure out when hes comin back from the trip to europe. see i linked with him the other week at the brainfeeder festival wich btw was crazyyyy. then he headed off with samiyam to manchester n ehmm..amsterdam. think its today they comin home. just got updates on aim heh.i need a camera, might head out soon n get one. i wont let no one trick me into crazy prices just cus im straight outta london with a bri-ish/swedish/tourist accent! im not rich. worst case scenario i get myself a disposable. but i think ill be able to get somethin. feel the need of food. gotta cook n buy ice cream too. n tonight if everything goes as planned ill be singing at this night called Transmission. some more info here:

Grand star lounge
943 n Broadway
LA, CA 90012


also check> http://www.myspace.com/qualitycollective

peeeeace for now!