Sunday, 6 July 2008


Yes yes. Arrived last night and after a few hours travellin i met up with my dear friends in washington heights. Right now im in Brooklyn at my friends house. We been walkin round town all evenin, started on 34th street n then went downtown, to east village, chinatown, little italy n round on streets i cant remember the name of right now. I think I wanna check the wall of fame tomorrow, see if theres any nice pieces up there. Btw, Ive been abit bad with updating this blog lately (not that ive ever updated it everyday but anyway) but ill be uploading pics from cali shortly. unfortunately ive had problems with uploading the videos but hopefully ill sort that out sooner or later. I love cali! Big shout out to all my peeps in south central, silverlake, eaglerock n places i didnt know the name of (thats what happens sometimes when u just jump into a car n let someone kidnap u)! I did a collabo with coleman, ras g and shafiq. The weathers been amazing, ive had loads of tasty mexican food, fruitshakes and donuts. Ive felt the sand under my feet at venice beach, ive drove past badass lowriders, ive had 2 gigs, ive danced to the sounds of B plusssssssssss, hung out with the all mighty mochilla fam, been on top of a beautiful hill....ehmm..there's alot to tell but its just gonna hurt your eyes to read here for too long so I better stop here. The upcoming pictures will tell their own stories. Im going to sleep now. Cali, Ill be back asap! Sendin all my love to my newfound fam over there! NYC, see you soon! Buenas roaches folks.