Sunday, 31 August 2008


Whiles sitting in my sofa, as so many times before, watchin english telli I saw this totally cheesy commercial for a cd with reagge hits on it. Sunburnt english holiday goers recommended the cd as they were walkin on the beach with a lovely gal smiling...Anywaaay. To get to the point. One of the recommended tunes was thiiis! = Tease me by Chaka Demus n Pliers. It was such a long time since I heard this! Bless UK television for this one is a classic. When I was a lil kiddo in stockholm my mom had this casette tape with mixed reagge/ragga classics n this tune was innit. While driving round on roadtrips in sweden we danced to this (as much as we could with our seatbelts on) n drank lemonade. Ah! Good times good times..Ok. Time has come for me to work on some music and eat some popcorn popped by the new popmaster Ahu. That girl can pop for real.