Saturday, 4 October 2008


Wednesdays celebration of Deviations 1 year anniversary was bananas con cupcakes, candles, boogie boogie n boogaaay!

I just wanna thank the whole Deviation Posse; Layla, Benji, Rahel, Cleo, Marcus, Amelia, K, Santi (& all of those i dunno about) for puttin together another magnificent party in the grammaphone basement. Much respect! Also thanks to all djs involved: Dám Funk, Benji B, Fatima Layla, Alexander Nut, Benny Blanco, Alex Chase, Santi San n Judah on the mic! Bigup all peoples comin down to dance, all the soundmen, Fatsarazzi on the camera, security guards holdin it down on the safety, barfolks, soundsystem etc etc..see you again on nov 5th!

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