Sunday, 2 November 2008

Teebs all day


Ok so here's the story..

* Teebs creates sweeetsoundin beats. Hear:

* He also makes beautiful paintings n drawings. See:

* Hes a member of an art & music posse based in Chino Hills, sunny Cali called My Hollow Drum. They got splendid taste when it comes to sounds n paint n all other things necessery so check em out on:

* I met him at RBMA where we made a tune, went on a boattrip, hit the streets of Barcelona drinkin servesa n sippin tea in the hotel lobby..

* He's currently on a crazy Euro adventure flyin round from Barcelona to Bern n all over the place collecting cerealboxes, makin music & sippin red wine whenever he gets hold of that extra good stuff.

Ok enough writing. More looking. Here's some of his work...

Thanks for lightin up my days mr T!