Sunday, 5 April 2009


Finally London is gettin abit brighter. I could do with some more sunshine but at least it isnt hailing so I cant complain too much. So, whats been happening lately? Hmm. The Stones Throw night at Cargo a while back was real good! Much respect to all peoples involved & a special shout out to Dam Funk who invited me to sing with him on stage! I had a blast & cant wait to fly to Cali again, drink Arizona fruitcoctail in the sun & jam in the park..What up my Spacebase crew & mochilla fam!!

Also..Funkineven & Black Milk at Plastic was fun fun fun. 1956!!! Bigup to the Nonsense crew!

And for those who dunno, theres been quite alot of talk bout Eglo Records lately. This new label founded by the London based djs/producers Alexander Nut & Floating Points has recently been puttin out some quality sounds thats basically been sellin out everywhere & makin dancefloors in LDN go crazy. Btw, Bigup to everyone that came down to the "Love me like this launch party" at Plastic! More releases are yet to come including artists such as myself (Fatima), Shaunise, more from Floatin Points & some secret peoples that youll be sure to hear about in the near future! Keep your ears & eyes open for more sounds & info!

Thats it for now, will post some upcoming events in a sec..

Adiosss/ F