Tuesday, 10 November 2009

oct/nov updates

There's been quite a few Eglo Records related events goin on lately & Its been real nice to see all kinds of peoples passin trough and dancing with us! Just went South Port Weekender with Floating points n sang a duet with Dám Funk (go cop the album!!!)n before that the Kleer release party/Spine TV was bein held in a sweat box in LDN town where I did a few tunes with Funkineven to celebrate his forthcomin release on Eglo Records, been throwin some parties at Plastic plus Oneness where Shuanise smaaashed it with her 2 piece band whiles givin a taster of her new EP!

Oh ye and we've had some guests over aswell..

Ras G came over, did a set at Oneness + taught me all I know bout scraper bikes & went crazy alongside Brittany Bosco that blessed the mic at Mixed Nuts on Rinse FM. KILLA SHOW!!! CHECK THE PODCAST!!

Anywaaaays im not gonna bore u with tellin you bout all the maaaagnificent night's n stuff you might have missed out on so all I can say now is for you to keep a look out for our forthcomin events!


Photos: Vent Fury
Illustrations: The ghost from Crackneyville