Monday, 16 August 2010


* Went Basel for Patchwork meets Stadtmusik at the Kunstmuseum last friday with my companion Funkineven. Lil Mission gettin there but when we finally arrived it was all good. Peace to Sassy J for bringin us over, hope u recover soon!! N thanks to everyone else in the crew..

*Popped by at the Brainfeeder night the day after back in LDN. Real good night filled with alot of inspirational sounds!..Peace to the big boss Monsieur flying lotus and his crew & guests; Strangeloop, Teebs, Kutmah, Kode9, Actress n Lorn...Brapppp!

*Had a look at the footage for my forthcomin video for Warm Eyes n its lookin sunny! Bigup The Boy King all day errrrydamndaaayy!!

*My collabo with ScratchaDVA - Just Vybe - is comin out in October on Hyperdub. Thankful for the dj/danceflo support. Big tings agwaaan!

Peace til next time...