Sunday, 24 February 2013


I had the golden pleasure of sitting down with one of the universe most dangerous video producers and project managers Becca. Queen of SBTV and minor Mile End celebrity. Especially at the blue shop, where she was voted customer of the year - 2012
alongside myself, yours truly.

What's your name? 

B: Becca. 

Where you from?

B: A little place in London called the 302 baby! You might not've heard of it, but you will soon. 

And your birthplace? 

B: A magical place called Radlands where I was raised by ten repbrobate older brothers. 

What entertainment did you and your brothers endure? 

B: Drinking special brew, watching skate videos, breathing in paint fumes and sitting in cars listening to Hip Hop. 

What did the special brew contain? 

B: It was a magical elixir of youth. Got it for my 16th birthday. I ain't drank it since. I still get ID:d for cigarettes. 

You still skate?

B: No. Haven't been skating since 16. A part from when me and Alex (-ander Nut) went out on a midnight skate and I fell over in the dark. 

What is it with you and falling? 

B: I fall in love everyday. 

What's your love target? 

B :  D'angelo 10 years ago. 

Any sounds in particular that's like candy to your ears?

B: A chopped up Amen.

What should the universe know about Becca?

B: There's more to life than Becca.

Such as?

B: Finding old tunes that was sampled in something else that you love and then you discover the sample and you're like jeeeeeeea.

What's your quest? 

B: To make the perfect cup of tea. 

Yours Truly would like to, on the behalf of the whole Trife Life and Mindtravellin family, thank Becca for sharing her precious time with us. She's a true don.

Onwards, upwards and above the clouds!

Yours truly.

* Becca was done up and photographed by Loveletter.

* To find her @beccabekah