Sunday, 17 February 2008


Im sitting in my friend Mothoni's room, we're tryin to ignore the horrible cheesy poolband outside but its hard, gosh its hard! Now they´re doin some kind of acoustic funk inspired thing with wannabe James Brown (R.I.P) shouts n tings "ooooh yee common give it to me!! riiiiii! yiihaaa!"..Geeeez some peoples just don't know when to be quiet n let the silence rule or the birdsingin get the attention..Anyways, i can't complain too much cause I'm in CAMEROOOOOOOOON! N I just ordered room service, un plate aven pomme frittes! Et une bouteille du l'eau (might be spellin things wrong, but anywaaaaays). Ha! The music outside is "fantasticly horrible, probably an artform" as Mothoni's puttin it. WORD. On the telli there's nothin good but really, who cares? I didnt come to Africa to watch videos anyways..

Yesterday I got up round 0.8.00, had some breakfast and met up with the band. We went to Palais De Congress a.k.a the mecca of suits n ties. The auditorium, where the stage was situated, was in 70's style n the atmosphere was somewhat serious n what do u call it, a bit dry. Heh. Anyways, we had to wait for like 3 hours to soudcheck cause the sound engineer was late and the folks that were supposed to put everything together knew nada bout cables, drum kits etc. After soundcheck we went to the hotel to chill for a bit, then we went back to the venue. The show went well I must say! It was niiiiiice! When we started off, the audience were kind of stiff but I think we made them loosen up cause we had quite a lot of folks dancin towards the end of the show! Big up to the crowd! Fun times. After that we went back to the hotel then out to a restaurant for dinner. At the restaurant we had to wait over 1 hour without the sight of any food so we left but as we were walking away we got stopped by the staff of the restaurant that argued and convinced us to come back. After a few minutes of discussion we all went back to a half empty table, all the food were still not there. I even re-ordered but never got my plate. Anyways, after that some of us went out clubbin n some went to the hotel. I usually love goin out but i was too hungry so I went back to my room to eat fries and avocado. Recorded some ish, watched some videos, fell asleep n woke up round 12. Now im still in Mophoni's room, we're going out soon. We're gonna get a tour round Yaoundé, interesting...I'll keep yall posted!


//Fatttyyyyyygal en afrique