Friday, 15 February 2008


I woke up in my hotelroom at 0.8.00 and the first thing I saw was the amaaaaazing view from my window. I went out on my balcony and observated mother earth and her beautifulness. Then I took a shower and went down to the restaurant to eat the breakfast buffé. I walked into the room n saw the band sittin round a table eatin croissants n drinking tea (amongst other delicassys). It was really nice to finally meet the people IG's been tellin me about ever since he invited me to this trip. Some deep breakfast conversations, papaya, croissants, pineapple and more green tea it was time for us to leave the hotel. A cab picked us up and took us to a venue that was some kind of cultural center i think. We started the rehearsals and then we went for lunch and I ate ricdiculous amounts of plantain, again!! After that the rehersals continued and then we went back to the hotel. I went trough the tunes with mophone, a singer in the band, n then i ate some fake pringles called krackle or somethin plus some bisquits...right now im sittin on the balcony at the hotel. theres some party goin on, think someone rented the place. Peoples are really dressed up, well not everyone but aspecially the women. It looks as if there on their way to prom or somethin. Nice nice. Haaa! Someone just offered me a drink through a waitress that just explained it to me! heh. I kindly denied the offer cause I aint got time for no romance with middleaged men! Me gots work to do and stuff to write n crisps to kill. So far this trips been really nice, weathers fiiine but the heat makes you a bit dizzy n tired but i cant complain nonono! Ok tomorrow its rehersals at 10.00 and then lunch and ish n the show is between 3-9 pm , think theres some other things goin on at palais de congres that evening aswell, exhibitions etc! Ok peoples pray for me and I shall do the same for yall! I'll keep you posted! N oh, one more thing..Sorry bout the lack of photos. I haven't got a camera but theres photo thats been taken but ill do all in my power to try n sort somethin out....anyways...take care yall!!!


Fatima x