Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Hey there peoples of the world!

I've been invited to be a part of a show called Bring The Noise! Forgot to tell yall bout this before..Im actually leaving my house tonight to fly to Cameroon early early thursday morning!

I'll write more about this later on, but since i'm in a rush to get out of my house and get some essentials from the pharmacy i'll just paste some info that I copied from British Concil's website:

"Bring the Noise Concert is a fusion of musicians, artists and film makers from all over Africa and the UK brought together to collaborate, create and perform.
Selected artists have been exploring issues of identity, culture and heritage resulting in a number of new pieces of work which will be performed across Africa and the UK. Bring the Noise is one of several projects that aim to increase appreciation of African music in the UK and to highlight the power and beauty of creative fusions in the arts resulting from the criss-cross of influences between Africa and the UK.

The artists involved in the project have collaborated to produce new pieces of work that will bring together visuals and music. This work will be for the very first time live in Uganda at the Bring the Noise concert.

Bring the Noise Concert is one of the activities under Africa 2007, a British Council programme of cultural interaction to connect people in Africa and the UK. It is s aimed at people who want to engage in improving relationships. It builds new perceptions and dialogues through an exploration of identities, cultures, histories, and language, by using different media, ground-breaking activities and new networks. Africa 2007 connects professionals, artists and young people, through a celebration of diversity"

I'll keep you posted!!!

Fatima x