Thursday, 14 February 2008


Finally here!!

Oh my gooshhh! The adventure started little more than 24 hours ago in Crackney, LDN when i got picked up by a cab that then went to pick up IG n then brought us to Heathrow where we catched our plane to Paris. Thing is, the plane got delayed so when we finally got to Paris we almost missed our plane to Yaoundé, Cameroon! The peoples from Air France were all over the place babbelin in french bout god knows what, they looked like panicin hens on some farm! Afrter a few minutes of drama we got on the right plane in the last minute! On the plane i had delicious mango juice, toblerone, compotte de pommes (amie knows!!!), bread, some chocolate bisquit ehmmm some risotto n water! n then i watched different filmes n the simpsons on the mini tv i had...when the plane finally stopped me n IG left n felt the warm african weather blessing our wintercursed skins! Then someone said that we had to get back on the plane again cause apparently our stop was 30 min we had to get back on the plane again n wait for another 40 min or so n then after departure we landed in about 10 min maximum! Finally in Yaoundé we landed safely but we had one more obstacle to face, where were our luggage??? Someone told us that it wasnt there at first but then when me n my dear planemate was about to start prayin, the bags appeared n we took a taxi for about 45 min (luckily i had pringles in my bag, we were starvin!!) until we got to the Hilton hotel! Now im sittin in the lobby, just had some delicious plantain, vegetables n rice n coke that I ordered from roomservice! Need to go to sleep veeery soon cause im gettin up tomorrow for rehersal with the band! Can't wait! One wierd thing, an old friend of mine from stockholm is here too! I haven't seen him in aaages, apparently his dad is some kind of professor n he here for work..might hook up if i get the time, or else he might come to the show on saturday! wooord! ok ppls, bigup to you guys that had the energy to read all this!! seee yall soon!



Ohh!! One more thing! The show is on saturday 16/2 n the adress is: Palais des Congres Yaoundé. Time: 3 pm to 9 pm! cost: 1500 Fcfa

so if you're in the area you're welcome to dance to the rythms n melodies of Bring The Noise!!!!

///Fatima xxx