Sunday, 30 March 2008


I like creative peoples that's got that fancy DIY blood pumpin through their vains. That in combination with some nice beats makes a tasty recipy. Samiyam is now sellin his exclusive homemade n handmade work of art. Yes nice beats n fine sleevedesign made by Sam himself! I present to you, Rapbeats vol. 1! Go check check check n nodd your head to the sweetness at I wanna write more bout this but im falling asleep right now. Im lying in the sofa and watching the clock on the wall. It's 0.4.40!!!! GODDDAMMIIITTT!! I need to get up in like 3 hours! Guess it's all that sunday freshly made fruit juice my flatmate made me that gave me so much extra energy to stay up til now. All tho, I always stay up late. Anyways. It's bedtime now. Bigup Sam n bigup you, the reader! Inabit! ///F