Tuesday, 21 October 2008



With only a few days left i can feel the tears runnin down my face...RBMA til infinity! Me love long time..sisi!
Yesterday I had my gig at the Harlem Jazz Club. It was craaaazy! The jamsession at the end of the night was hot! The only bad thing about the night was that i stepped into a deep grimey stinky street puddle with my nice trainers. Not fun. Benji B did the same thing actually and decided to go home to the hotel. I went to the academy anyways, cleaned my feet and walked around barefoot til i got back to the hotel in the early mornin time...ehmm..oh ye we recorded some more stuff last night/this mornin. nicenicenice stuff..more to tell but little time. gotta get some food before the next lecture. U can check photos on: