Friday, 24 October 2008

LAST DAY......snyft snyft!


* Im leaving tomorrow. Dont know what more to say. My heart is broken in at least a thousand pieces.

* Yesterdays dinner was the best, the olives were magnificent.

* Ive recorded loads of new tracks.

* My jeans stink of cigarette due to the fact that all clubs in this town dont have a smoking ban. Disgusting mi tell ya!

* Im now waiting for a shuttle thats runnin late. I woke up extra early to be able to catch it, go to the academy n finish a tune but no no no driver in sight. only me, Teebs n Ki En Ra waiting in the hotel lobby like 3 confused and misled sheep in a forest..hmm..

* Bigup RBMA posse! Brap brap!